4 ways to get your skin ready for Spring!

4 4 ways to get your skin ready for Spring!

The days are slowly getting longer and you know what that means it’s almost time for cute tops and sandals. But before you start stocking your wardrobe with short shorts, sleeveless tops and sundresses, there are a few skin issues you need to take care of.

Brighten your skin by exfoliating
Just like animals shed their winter coats, you too need to shed all the dry, dead skin from your body to brighten and refresh your look. To do this, invest in an exfoliating cloth or brush and use it with a good exfoliating scrub all over your face and body while you’re in the shower. Once you’re done, make sure to replenish your skin’s hydration by applying a hydrating body lotion all over. Try Image Skincare Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque and Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Get rid of unwanted hair
Your legs haven’t seen the light of day since May so why bother shaving them? But as the warmer days make bare-legged outfits more acceptable, you’ll want to get back into your hair removal routine – be it shaving, suagring, waxing, or lasering. Make sure you moisturise afterward any hair removal and try to stay out the sun as skin is more sensitive after hair removal.

Stock up on sunscreen
Sunscreen is important all year round, but now that there’s actually an opportunity for you to spend hours basking in its glow, it’s more important than ever to make sure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays. If you don’t have one already, make sure you pick up a moisturiser with at least SPF 15 that you can (and will) wear every day. Try Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturiser 

Get a skin tune-up
You’re consistent about getting your oil changed and touching up your roots, so here’s another thing to put in your calendar to do every few months: Get a skin tune-up. Visiting the salon for regular facials will help you get rid of blemishes and dead skin, plus, who doesn’t love getting pampered?

Get Spring ready with our skin rescue remedy – an Oxygenating Facial! Click here to find your nearest Image Skincare salon.

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Tips for Treating Under-eye Bags

Your foundation is flawless, you have chosen the perfect shade of lipstick for the prettiest pout, and your eyelashes brows are simply on point. The only thing that is messing up your otherwise picture-perfect face are those under-eye imperfections.

Women worldwide has a tumultuous relationship with under-eye bags. And there are many causes for these under-eye bags, puffiness, and darkness.glass-of-water

Your problem in this area may be hereditary, or it could be caused by environmental factors. Not being well-hydrated can affect the appearance of the skin under your eyes. Dehydration can certainly cause your eyes to have unsightly bags, puffiness and darkness. It is absolutely imperative to make sure you are drinking enough water to help keep the skin under your eyes looking fresh. It goes without saying that getting adequate amounts of sleep is absolutely on the top 10 list of ways to keep the skin around your eyes looking fresh. Hydrate yourself from the inside out, with a daily dose of water! Drinking water helps flush out the toxins from your system and thereby reducing the amount of salt concentration in and around the eye area.

Pollution and dust can irritate the eyes, causing you to rub and tug at the delicate skin under your eyes. Over time, this tugging and pulling will eventually cause darkness.

However, some people are predisposed to under eye bags. If your parents have this problem, then there is a very good chance that they passed that little gem on to you (thanks, Mom and Dad). Because of this, there is not much a bit of water can do, so the best way is to resort to effective and clinically proven skincare, especially high quality eye cremes.

Ageless Total Eye Lift Creme:

To effectively address any under eye bags, puffiness, and darkness that you may be experiencing, try our Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème. ageless-total-eye-lift-cremeIt offers you the benefit of treating all of these concerns with healthy, yet effective ingredients that will not irritate your eyes or cause your skin concern to worsen. Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème contains a retinyl, which is a retin-A derivative that tightens the skin of the under eye area, giving you a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Chamomile, green tea, and coneflower soothe and refresh tired, dehydrated under eye skin. In addition, the Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème contains an exclusive peptide blend which Improves firmness of skin, decreases capillaries, increases lymphatic circulation, decreases puffiness and bagginess under the eye area.

Even if you weren’t blessed with miracle genes, the ability to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, or occasionally forget to keep your water bottle handy, you can still have eyes that reflect youth, vitality, and alertness with IMAGE Ageless Total Eyelift Crème.

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ACNE 101: Types of Acne

Acne doesn’t always look the same. Do you know how to identify the different kinds of acne?

Comedonal acne:

  • Whitehead: A pore with a microscopic opening that is filled with sebum, bacteria, dirt and dead cells. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidised and remains white.
  • Blackhead: Impacted pores with a wide opening that are filled with sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells and have undergone a chemical reaction resulting in the oxidation of melanin. The oxygen from the air turns the material in the follicle black.

Inflammatory acne:

  • Papule: A rounded, dermal growth that is raised from the skin. A papule is usually very small in size and may open when scratched and become crusty and infected.
  • Postule: A severe kind of acne that affects deep in the root of follicles. Nodular acne comes in the form of large, painful bumps that affect deeper layers of the skin.
  • Cyst: A cyst or cysts occur when large amounts of pores become clogged and suddenly rupture, leading to infection and inflammation. Cystic acne is most common among teenagers as changes in hormones can mass produce keratin and sebum, which is responsible for the blockage of pores.face-clean-up-625_625x362_61459322284
  • Body acne: The ears, beck, chest, back, scalp, shoulder and buttocks have the creates density of pores, making it easy to attract acne. Hormones, plugged pores and bacteria that produce acne on your face are the same factors that trigger body acne. This type of acne is very common if you live a very active lifestyle. Hair products, laundry detergents and constant friction from tight clothing can also play a part in producing body acne.


What can you do about it? 5 simple steps to prevent breakouts.

Acne can happen at any age. Learn how to treat acne and how to prevent it with IMAGE Skincare.

  1. Keep your pores clear with the right cleanser. If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s important to use a cleanser that helps prevent those nasty pimples instead of trying to treat them after the fact. Pick a cleanser with salicylic acid like IMAGE Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin and clear those pores out before a breakout has the chance to sneak in.
  2. Go oil-free. Taking care of your skin in the right ways can help maintain pH balance. Try using balancing products like IMAGE Skincare’s Ormedic Balancing Anti-oxidant Serum, a silky, ultra-hydrating botanical serum infused with organic Japanese green teal, aloe vera and a copper-complex peptide. This stiff continuously balances your skin from within and restores its ideal moisture level, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing. It’s also important to eat the right foods. Munch regularly on alkalizing foods like leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, carrots, and soybeans.
  3. Nourish your face. Did you know that diet accounts for 80 percent of your skin’s health? Keep this in mind when planning your meals. Adding fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A will help normalise the production of skin cells. Try adding more mango, kale and broccoli to your diet. Healthy fats from salmon, walnuts and eggs will also help keep your skin nourished, helping prevent future breakouts.
  4. Cover up carefully. When choosing a foundation, it’s important to consider the ingredients. Oil-free liquid foundations are great options for those prone to breakouts. Pick a foundation with skin-healing ingredients like IMAGE Skincare’s I Conceal Flawless Foundation, which include oxygenating properties, anti-aging peptides, stem cells and broad-spectrum SPF protection in a mineral base.tumblr_lq6jnpg9tm1r1uog4o1_500
  5. Stress less. With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, it can be hard to find some peace and quiet. It can be a stressful time with end of the year deadlines at work and party after party. When we stress out, our cortisol hormones spike and along with it, oil production. Take time for yourself every season by going for a walk, having five minutes of silence in the car or taking yoga class once a week.
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Peeling Away The Years With Glycolic

Peels treatment

Chemical peels are not something new. In fact, Cleopatra is one of the most famous users of skin peeling because she used to bathe in sour milk.  The lactic acid produced by the sour milk is still used today in many chemical peeling formulas.

While there are a number of acids that can and are used these days for a chemical peel, glycolic acid, originally derived from sugar cane, is the most popular and safest of all.

There are several reasons why glycolic acid is the most popular of all alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).  First of all it is extremely effective.  It is explained by the fact that it is the smallest of the alpha hydroxyl molecules, therefore the most active.

Second, it has very few side effects even when used in strong concentrations. Several studies have proved the merits of glycolic acid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and hydration, and promoting the production of new collagen.  It is also known to greatly benefit acne sufferers.

The effect will vary depending on the strength of the peel.  The deeper the peel, the more extensive your skin renewal.

People often think it is important to have a higher percentage of glycolic or another active peeling agent however the key is the pH- the lower it is the deeper the penetration. The pH determines the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical solution. As the pH becomes lower the acid’s intensity or strength increases. The efficacy of an AHA is dependent on its concentration and the pH value of the formula. Following a peel with a lower pH, it is important to then look after the skin by repairing and hydrating thus bringing the pH of the skin to a normal level. In order to be effective, an acid needs a lower pH than that of the skin, which falls between 4.5-5.5.

For the ultimate wrinkle lift, look for a peel that contains a blend of glycolic and retinol. This works to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and revitalized. The glycolic also acts as a catalyst for the retinol allowing it to travel through the layers of the epidermis into the dermis.

For acne sufferers, it is important to look for peels that contain blends of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and that also contains anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal the acne lesions.

It is important to have this blend of AHA and BHA as one works more superficially removing dry crusty skin enabling better penetration of active ingredients for healing and cellular renewal and the other works deep within the blocked follicles dissolving oxidised sebum plugs that form a blackhead.

Vitamin C (healing antioxidant), comfrey and chamomile (anti-inflammatory) are key extra ingredients that not only make a peel more versatile and adaptable for many different skins conditions, they help aid the acceleration of skin healing, reducing erythema, and increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Image Skincare offer a variety of different peeling solutions for various skin conditions including acne, aging, sun damaged, rosacea or hyper pigmentation. All peels are formulated in a revolutionary Aloe Vera based gel to simultaneously protect the skin.

Click here to view our range of I-Peels 

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Keep Your Pores Clear With the Right Cleanser

If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s important to use a cleanser than helps prevent those nasty pimples instead of trying to treat them after the fact. Pick a cleanser with salicylic acid like our Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin and clear those pores out before a breakout has the chance to sneak in.

If you are on the road a lot or need a quick cleansing solution after the gym, carry salicylic-based cleansing wipes  for the same pore-clearing benefits as the cleanser. Our Salicylic Clarifying Pads are perfect for use on-the-go.

Go Oil-FreePrevention+ daily matte moisturiser

Acne-fighting products can often make your skin dry and sensitive.  It’s important to use plenty of moisturiser to compensate for this.

Our Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser will help to reduce oil on the surface of the skin while providing essential hydration. Just be sure to use oil-free lotion to keep your skin clear of future pimples. We also love products with added benefits like antioxidants for a healthy glow and skin brighteners to reduce the redness of existing acne lesions. Try our Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion to stop acne at its source.

Nourish Your Face

Kale Did you know that diet accounts for 80 percent of your skin’s health? Keep this in mind when planning your meals. Adding fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A will help normalize the production of skin cells. Try adding more mango, kale and broccoli to your diet. Healthy fats from salmon, walnuts and eggs will also help keep your skin nourished, helping prevent future breakouts.



Cover Up Carefully

When choosing a foundation, it’s important to consider the ingredients. Oil-free liquid foundations are a great option for those prone to breakouts.  Pick a foundation with skin-healing ingredients like Image IConceal Foundations.

Stress Less

With the hustle and bustle of work/family life, it can be often hard to find some peace and quiet.  When we stress out, our cortisol hormone spike and along with it, oil production. Take time for yourself every season by going for a walk, having five minutes of silence in the car or taking a yoga class once a week.

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Stress Free Skin

Ever have one of those hair-pulling, nail-biting, last thread, end-of-the-rope kind of days? We’ve all been there … It’s when those days begin to pile up that we start feeling an unnecessary and certainly unwelcome emotion called … stress. As a result, we experience lack of sleep, lack of motivation, anxiety and a number of physiological symptoms. What many of us don’t think about is that stress can seriously take a toll on our skin.

When we’re stressed, our body releases pro-inflammatory hormones, which can worsen cases of psoriasis and rosacea, cause inflammation and persistent breakouts, dry our skin out and impair our skin-barrier function, leaving our skin vulnerable to irritants, allergens and infections.

Bottom line – stressing out causes our skin to stress, and we all know what happens when our skin is stressed … breakouts, dryness, sensitivity, or even worse, wrinkles (that’s right, I said it!).

Most of us are lucky enough to experience minor effects from stress – a breakout here, a little dryness there – we often don’t realize our skin is feeling the effects of stress. It’s important to remember that these minor lapses in our skin’s condition can add up quickly, taking a toll on our skin’s overall health.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to stress … IMAGE is here to help. With just 3 Simple Steps, you can be well on your way to stress-free skin.

woman_stretching_silhouetteStep 1: Get Moving

Exercise is so important to your health and well-being. As little as 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week of getting your dance on in Zumba class, or going for a peaceful walk can improve your brain-power, boost circulation, decrease tension and keep your inflammation in check. Remember those pro-inflammatory hormones? Say “buh-bye” to those for good. Exercise also gives you endorphins, which improves your mood, boosts your energy, and gives your mind a break from the chaos.


sleepStep 2: Get Some Zzzs
 Sometimes it’s hard to fit in the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night when there’s just so many good (or bad) things going on during the day! Stress can actually cause restlessness and lack of sleep. To combat current stress and keep it away for good, it’s important to get those hours in.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Try turning off your TV and electronic devices an hour before bedtime. This helps calm your mind and free it of all outside stimulation that’s keeping you awake until the wee hours of the morning. Can’t go to bed without your favourite late-night show? Try adjusting the brightness of your screen at bedtime. Still having trouble falling asleep? Switch your workout routine to the morning, and drink some warm de-caffeinated tea before bed.

It may seem like sleep is not that big of a deal, but getting sleep sets the pace for the rest of your day. Wake up refreshed and ready to go for the day, and you’re already a step ahead of stress.

 spaStep 3: Pamper Yourself
Okay… now for the good stuff. Pamper yourself!

Pamper: to indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness. -Dictionary.com

That’s an order! If you’re feeling stressed (or even if you’re not), treat yourself to a little at-home pampering. Give your skin some TLC with IMAGE’s Ormedic Line. This line of skincare products is clinically proven to repair and rebalance skin for a stunning, moisturized look and feel. Ormedic is also effective for all skin types, which makes it perfect for undoing those signs of stress, no matter what they are. Balance and refresh your skin with Ormedic’s Facial Cleanser, Anti Oxidant Serum, Eye Lift Gel, and Balancing Gel Masque.

Still Feeling Stressed?
 If you’re in need of some serious TLC, make an appointment for a full body massage, or spend some time in your spa’s steam room. Another wonderful tip for calming your stress is to keep a small bottle of peppermint oil on hand. One whiff of this magical stuff can instantly calm your mind and alleviate stress and tension. Try it some time – it really works!

It’s not always easy being fabulous. All that hard work can cause stress from time to time. No need to panic, though. With a few changes in our daily routine, we can tackle stress like it’s our job, and enjoy the benefits of happy, healthy skin.

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Tips for Radiant Winter Skin

Winter is almost here. Time to pack away your shorts, sandals and swimmers and make room for oversized jackets, boots and lip balm—lots and lots of lip balm. That dry crisp winter air can leave your skin feeling chapped, dehydrated and flaky—an annoying side effect of an otherwise nostalgically joyful season. But never fear, here is a list of dos and don’ts that will leave your skin looking radiant this winter season.


Drink a lot of water. Your skin is your largest organ, and just like any other organ in your body, the cells are made up of water. When you are not getting enough water, your skin will become dehydrated, because the water you do drink travels to all other organs first before it even reaches your skin. So drink up!


Choose the right cleanser. Washing your face twice daily with a good moisturising cleanser will prevent your skin from drying out. Our Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser incorporates nourishing anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to gently clean, repair and sooth.

Moisturize daily. Apply an SPF moisturiser in the morning and a hydrating crème before you go to bed. Our Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme, Prevention + Daily Hydrating Moisturiser with SPF 30+ and Body Spa Rejuvenating Body Lotion are a well-balanced trio to keep not just your face, but entire body looking radiant.

Use a humidifier. The drastic change from dry heat used to warm your home, and the cold outside air, will cause your skin to dry out faster. Using a humidifier will allow you to stay warm and retain your skin’s moisture.


Take hot showers. Even though a long relaxing shower seems like the best idea on a cold day, your skin will not thank you for it. Your body produces a thin layer of oil to protect the skin and help retain moisture. The hot water causes that oil barrier to soften, allowing moisture to escape, and leaving your skin vulnerable to harsh environmental elements.


Use bar soap. As mentioned above, the skin is covered in a thin layer of oil, and bar soap will only strip the barrier leaving your skin irritated and dry. Instead of bar soap, use a body cleanser designed to gently exfoliate and moisturise such as the Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Rub your skin dry. When you get out of the shower, gently pat your skin with a towel. Rubbing will only cause irritation or exasperate other skin conditions such as eczema.

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Adult Acne- How to treat it and beat it!

One in 5 women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from adult acne, affecting more women than men.

We often associate acne with the pubescent days, but hormones, genetics, and daily stressors often trigger acne in adulthood as well, sometimes even for those who never dealt with it when they were young. And while teen skin may heal relatively quickly once the acne passes, adults who struggle with acne should take extra care in treating their complexion properly to avoid scarring later on.

That is why it is so important to carefully consider what ingredients you use to treat the acne, especially on the face.

Benzoyl peroxide is widely known for its bacteria killing function, and salicylic acid for exfoliating blocked pores while also calming redness. But if you want to opt for a natural way to treat the acne, tea tree oils can be very effective.Clear Cell medicated acne lotion

For even better results, make sure the range you choose includes Glycolic Acid (an AHA exfoliator) and Oligopeptide-10 (an anti-microbial), as these ingredients work wonders in sloughing away dead skin cells and reducing lesion count. Other important ingredients to incorporate are classic Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint Leaf, and Horse Chestnut to sooth red skin, as well as the antiseptic Witch Hazel.

And while choosing the right ingredients will play a big role in smoothing the way, women with adult acne need to also rethink the make-up products they’re using and it may also be affecting their skin.

Many people believe that pimple-ridden skin needs to breathe and make-up will only exacerbate the problem. This is only half true. Not all make-up is the enemy- it’s important to advise your clients to use a pure mineral makeup that is non-comedogenic, which means it allows the skin to breathe.

In fact, simply changing to a mineral based make-up is all that is needed to solve the problem for some people as it doesn’t aggravate acne or clogged pores so it is worth suggesting this to them during their first consultation.

After a few weeks of using these promising ingredients/products and making sure they follow a diligent skincare routine, thanks to you their adult acne, like teen acne, will be a thing of the past!

Click here to read more about Image Skincare’s Clear Cell line, designed specifically to help fight adult acne.

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Give the gift of glowing skin this Christmas!

Image Skincare Christmas Bag

Take a look at the seasonal Merry and Bright Anti-Aging Set from Image Skincare, the perfect gift with top rated Image products! Complete with four full-sized products including the Max cleanser and Max serum for anti-aging and repair, Prevention + SPF to protect the skin and the Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement to hydrate and plump the lips, this pack is suitable for just about any skin type and condition. The beauty of this pack is it also comes with a FREE cosmetic bag and two free full sized products!

Tthe MAX stem cell facial cleanserHE MAX STEM CELL CLEANSER
This daily anti-age facial cleanser is acid free, sulfate free and as with all Image Skincare products, Paraben free. The Plant derived stem cells and plant extracts, nourish the skin and protect from

environmental pollutants.  It balances and optimises the skin’s pH, helps to extend cell life, slows the aging process and can be used morning and evening.  The unparalleled high concentration of effective ingredients will give you the MAXimum benefit.

Some further key ingredients are: Polypeptide Complex – which is a Potent anti-aging blend, Argirelene NP – which reduces facial expression wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction, Oat Kernel – which is soothing, anti-inflammatory and reduces redness and Hydrolized Rice Protein – which promotes collagen synthesis.

Max Stem Cell Serum
the Max Stem Cell Serum is a revolutionary day and night serum that rejuvenates your skin in a new dimension.  Vectorize-Technology™ delivers complex of encapsulated ingredients that are time released for up to 48 hours for a long lasting, intense effect. 

The multi-layered technology of nutripeptides work concurrently to plump your skin while stem cell technology, in an exclusive complex, supports natural defence mechanisms and repair cell damage.  This amazing formula dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines due to facial expressions, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Apply and massage in the morning and evening to cleansed skin for best results. Allow penetration before applying the PREVENTION+ ultimate protection moisturiser.

Prevention+ daily ultimate protection moisturizerPREVENTION + DAILY ULTIMATE PROTECTION MOISTURISER
This ultra-sheer, lightweight moisturiser with a built in broad-spectrum high UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen provides skin with ultimate protection and prevention all year round. Next generation technology combines a physical sunscreen ingredient transparent zinc oxide with effective antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage and to protect against environmental exposures. Contains plant-derived stem cells to delay the aging effects of the sun on skin cells. Suited for post-procedure skin.

Apply to cleansed skin every morning as a daily moisturiser and for ultimate protection. Re-apply every 2 hours when exposed to sun or as needed.

Some key ingredients include: Plant-derived stem cells protects epidermal stem cells against UV damage, Aqualance improves skin hydration, BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) is an antioxidant and an oil soluble and stable form of Vitamin C. Thiotaine (ergothioneine) provides large spectrum, potent antioxidant

And last, but by absolutely no means least, also in this gift set is a full size Ormedic Balancing Lip Complex.  This ultra-hydrating, anti-ageing polypeptide lip complex dramatically enhances the appearance of lip contours.  It adds up to 40% more moisture, volume and reduces fine lines with repeat usage. It also reduces inflammation after lip injections. Use of product will complement and enhance the effects of professional dermal fillers.

Key ingredients include: Palmitoyl oligopepide (Biopeptide CL™), a messenger peptide for collagen renewal, retinoic acid like activity without irritancy. Persea gratissima (avocado oil), (organic), a rich, nourishing organic oil. Contains high amounts of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is an excellent emollient oil. Ubiquinone Super antioxidant, regenerates aging skin. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Antioxidant – derived from soy oil. Vitamin E has antioxidant effects, which help to support the stability of other ingredients (oil, fats).

The Image Skincare Anti-Aging Gift Set is the perfect gift for someone new to the Image Skincare brand, who wants incredibly effective results from a skincare routine or if you already use these products yourself it’s a great way to treat yourself, stock up and save!

Contact your local Image Skincare stockist for further details and availability.

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Time Passes, Your Skin is Ageless

IMG_7782 - Copy

Women all over the world spend so much time and money trying to get their skin back to the tight, wrinkle and blemish free appearance of their youth. While there are procedures to aid in this goal, the truth is that having a skincare routine is the most effective way to combat the signs of aging—and it doesn’t need to be complicated either.

Step One: Cleanse Morning and Night
As in any skincare routine, start with cleansing the skin both in the morning and at night. Glycolic acid is a key factor in your routine, because it will exfoliate dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation while stimulating the collagen in your skin. Our Ageless Total Facial Cleanser is the perfect anti-aging cleanser.

Step Two: Masques and Serums
A good micro-exfoliating masque that acts like a mini-peel should be applied several times a week, depending on your skin type and desired outcome. The Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque has a blend of micro crystals and hydroxyl acids to rejuvenate the skin while also containing lightening agents to diminish dark spots. This masque is suitable for application and removal after the skin has been cleansed in the evening.

The Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum with Vectorize-technology is a blend of alpha hydroxy acids with anti-oxidants that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by removing dead skin cells, allowing new cells to take their place. This can be applied both day and night.

Retinol is another name for vitamin A, which is an antioxidant. Retinol also increases the collagen production on your skin. It is beneficial in managing discoloration, wrinkles, and acne. The Ageless Total Retinol-A Crème should be applied at night, after skin has been cleansed, and can be combined with any Image serum or crème.

The Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler will instantly fill fine lines. This serum is especially beneficial for dry, inflamed or post treatment skin. It too can be mixed with any other Image serum or crème and may be used morning and night.

Step Three: Eye Crème
We also can’t forget about that delicate area under the eyes. Ageless Total Eyelift Crème blends retinol and polypeptides. Polypeptides are strands of amino acids and are related to protein molecules. Since collagen is essentially protein, when peptides are applied to the skin, it causes the skin to produce more collagen. The eye crème could be used both day and night.

Step Four: Moisturise
In the morning, you’ll want to use a moisturiser with UVA/UVB sun protection, such as Prevention +.

For the evening, use the Ageless Total Repair Crème, which is filled with nourishing anti-oxidants and exfoliating properties such as glycolic and retinol. Applying the crème at night will promote cellular turnover while you sleep.

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